jacky efendi

Software Engineer -- JavaScript and all things web

Hi, I am Jacky πŸ‘‹

What I do

I work with web stuffs 🌐

I mainly work with JavaScript and all things related to the web ecosystem. Currently, I am working at Tokopedia in the web platform team.

I write (kinda) πŸ—’

I have always been a curious person. I love to learn things and understand how they work. Sometimes if I find the discovery interesting, I try to write an article about them to share them!

Getting Content Painted under 2 seconds on the Mobile Web
The Case for pnpm Over npm or Yarn
Building 60 FPS QR Scanner for the Mobile Web
Writing Your Own Changelog Generator with Git
WebAssembly β€” Is It As Scary As It Sounds?
Achieving 90+ Mobile Web Performance at Tokopedia
React Hooks: Why We should Embrace it

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I build stuffs πŸ› 

Sometimes I am motivated to build stuffs. Some are just for fun and learning, some are actually kind of helpful. A lot are abandoned because I got sidetracked (don’t we all? πŸ˜…). I published them as open source projects on GitHub. I also contribute to open source libraries when I could.


Easily fetch json data in your React components, similar APIs to react-apollo, with Suspense SSR πŸŽ‰



calculate bundle size of your next project!



GitHub action that allows you to easily run bundlewatch in your repository πŸ“¦



The rust QR decoder library `rqrr`; compiled to WebAssembly.



Wrapper around source-map-explorer that works with remote URLs and chrome code coverage